Ways You Can Boost Your JC Maths Grades

JC Math tuition
JC Math tuition

For most Junior College students in Singapore, A Level Mathematics is a subject you will likely study. Students enrolled in H1 Math may come from a variety of mathematical backgrounds. Some may have studied Algebra I, while others may find the ideas of Differentiation and Integration completely foreign. Yet, obtaining an A is a problem many H1 Math students share. Even though H1 Math appears deceptively simple on the surface, it is not unusual to find yourself trapped in the B-C grade area, unsure of how to improve your mark to a distinction.

Here are some ideas prepared by Singapore’s leading JC Math tutoring facility to assist with this problem.

Focus on the fundamentals and ensure you have a solid foundation.

While the concepts build upon one another, a solid foundation in mathematics is crucial for getting started on the proper foot. Initially, it may appear discouraging or intimidating, but persistently endeavour to master the fundamentals and seek assistance when necessary. To strengthen your foundational knowledge, go beyond your lecture notes and utilise the different internet resources accessible to you. One such site is “Khan Academy,” which gives a quick overview of numerous topics and an explanation of the many concepts to be addressed within each topic. Knowing the principles is insufficient; take the time to bring them to life by applying them to various issues with varied degrees of difficulty.

Clarify your uncertainties, and don’t allow them to accumulate.

You may seek assistance by addressing your professors or friends or by joining a JC Math tuition programme, where you will receive more individualised assistance. Whatever it is, be sure to resolve your uncertainties and strengthen your foundation. As previously stated, H1 Math is a JC subject in which concepts are frequently utilised interchangeably across several sections; hence, uncertainties about one concept may affect your comprehension of the next. Ensure you note and clarify any queries before going on to the following topic. Take the time to comprehend where you went wrong to avoid repeating the error. A thorough comprehension of each idea is essential for answering questions presented during the A Level test.


This advice may appear to be self-explanatory, yet it’s a vital reminder. Consistent practice is the key to success and scoring well. Consider JC A Level Arithmetic more of a marathon than a sprint! You must work diligently throughout your junior college years and not save everything for the few months preceding your A Level examinations.

Devote three to four hours weekly to finishing your lectures and 10-year series while regularly evaluating prior errors. A-level examiners like reusing the same questions from year to year, so make a note of these essential themes and ensure that you achieve a perfect score on them.

Examine your work.

Even though you may have a crystal-clear grasp of many mathematical ideas, we are just human! Hence, we may also be capable of making casual errors. However, being placed in a difficult and stressful setting may increase the probability of making such errors, so double-check your completed work. These marks provided for the correctness of your final response might be the deciding factor in your grade. Pay attention to the question’s specifics while you’re at it. Remember to mention any units or particular inquiry needs. For instance, they may require the final result to include three decimal places or certain units, such as grammes instead of kilogrammes, so double-check these specifics!

Practise good time management and critical thinking.

Since we’re on the subject of time, the ability to effectively manage your time throughout the exam is crucial. For instance, developing the habit of understanding when to move on from a stalemate. If you are unable to answer a question, circle it and go on to the next one. Invest your time in getting the marks for the questions in which you are confident to ensure yourself the highest score! Reattempt the questions you’ve marked once you’ve completed the ones you’re confident about. Time management is crucial to achieving a distinction in H1 A Level Mathematics, so avoid losing points unnecessarily!