Understanding the ECDA Subsidy in Preschool

ECDA preschools

The Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) in Singapore provides substantial subsidies to make preschool education more accessible and affordable. Families seeking to enrol their children in ECDA preschools can benefit greatly from understanding the various subsidies available, eligibility criteria, and application processes. Without further ado, let us elucidate the details surrounding the ECDA subsidy, providing essential information to parents and guardians.

Overview of the ECDA Subsidy

The ECDA subsidy aims to reduce the financial burden on families by providing financial support for preschool education. It is designed to ensure that every child has access to quality early childhood education, irrespective of their family’s financial situation.

Types of ECDA Subsidies

ECDA offers several types of subsidies for preschool education:

Basic Subsidy: Available to all Singaporean children enrolled in licensed child care centres. The subsidy amount varies based on the child’s age and the type of programme (full-day or half-day).

Additional Subsidy: For lower-income families, providing extra support on top of the Basic Subsidy. The amount is tiered according to household income.

Kindergarten Fee Assistance Scheme (KiFAS): Specifically for children attending MOE-registered kindergartens, offering fee reductions based on household income levels.

Eligibility Criteria for ECDA Subsidy

Understanding the eligibility criteria for the ECDA subsidy is crucial for families planning to apply. Eligibility is determined by several factors:

Singaporean Citizenship

To qualify for the ECDA subsidy, the child must be a Singaporean citizen. Permanent residents or foreign children are not eligible for these subsidies.

Household Income

The amount of subsidy received is largely influenced by household income. For the Additional Subsidy and KiFAS, lower-income families receive higher subsidy amounts. Families must provide documentation of their household income during the application process.

Enrolment in Approved Preschools

The child must be enrolled in an ECDA-approved preschool or a Ministry of Education (MOE)-registered kindergarten. This ensures that the preschool meets the required standards set by ECDA.

Application Process for ECDA Subsidy

ECDA subsidy

Applying for the ECDA subsidy involves a series of steps that must be followed diligently to ensure successful approval:

Step 1: Selection of Preschool

Families must first select an ECDA-approved preschool. It is essential to choose a preschool that fits the child’s needs and aligns with family preferences.

Step 2: Documentation Preparation

Prepare all necessary documents, including proof of the child’s citizenship, household income, and any other required identification documents. Accurate and complete documentation speeds up the application process.

Step 3: Submission of Application

Submit the application through the chosen preschool. The preschool will assist in the application process and forward the necessary documents to ECDA for approval.

Step 4: Await Approval

After submission, families must wait for the application to be processed. Once approved, the subsidy will be applied directly to the preschool fees, reducing the amount payable by the family.

Benefits of the ECDA Subsidy

The ECDA subsidy provides multiple benefits that extend beyond mere financial savings. These advantages underscore the importance of taking full advantage of the subsidy:

Accessibility to Quality Education

The subsidy ensures that children from all financial backgrounds can access quality preschool education, fostering early development and learning.

Financial Relief for Families

By reducing preschool fees, the ECDA subsidy provides significant financial relief, allowing families to allocate resources to other essential needs.

Encouragement of Early Learning

Early childhood education is crucial for cognitive and social development. The subsidy encourages families to enrol their children in preschool, promoting a strong foundation for future learning.


Navigating the ECDA subsidy for preschool can seem complex, but understanding the types of subsidies available, eligibility criteria, and application process can simplify it significantly. Families should take full advantage of these subsidies to provide their children with the best possible start in their educational journey.

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