Plug-the-Gaps: Our Maths Tuition’s Principle

Learning Voyage has been offering Maths Tuition in Singapore for ten years. We have successfully assisted over 600 students in their goals to either pass the national exams, excel in class, or both.

A large portion of this success lies in our unique teaching methodology. From Primary Maths Tuition to JC Maths Tuition, the Plug-the-Gap approach has helped nurture our students. Here are the key aspects that set us apart from the rest.

Problem Identification

The initial step in our teaching methodology is to find the problem that causes the child to perform poorly in Mathematics. Especially in our Primary Maths Tuition, we are practising a friendly approach and keen observation to learn the predicaments our students have. Realising them can help us tailor our teaching to suit the student’s learning needs.

Mastery is the Key

Mathematics is a subject composed of topics which serve as building blocks. Every topic in Primary to JC Maths Tuition is essential to have a strong foundation in Mathematics. Thus, our Plug-the-Gap approach aims to let the students have a mastery of the areas they find difficult to build the aforementioned strong foundation.

Putting the Knowledge to Test

We do not stop at teaching the students the lessons they need to gain proficiency in Mathematics. As most of our students are preparing for PSLE, O-level and N-level Maths, we are helping them through mock exams based on the questionnaires from the previous national exams. This way, we will be able to identify the areas they need to improve. Moreover, these mock exams enable the students to be more comfortable and confident in answering the questions during the actual examination.


Plug-the-Gap approach is a systematic way how to help students excel in a progressive subject such as Mathematics. With the help of this methodology, it is not just the numerical skill that is being developed. It also promotes openness to weaknesses and perseverance to work on improving them.

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