4 Reasons to Seek an O to A Level Chemistry Tutor

Students may struggle with various subjects in their curriculum. However, the most challenging curricula for most are Maths, English and Sciences, especially Biology and Chemistry. The following are four reasons to seek help from an O to A Level Chemistry tutor.

#1 A Big Leap Between Levels

The A Level Chemistry course is different from the O Level Chemistry syllabus. A Level chemistry curriculum at tuition centres in Singapore reiterates three core concepts and three extension subjects of Chemistry. It has 12 topics, each with up to 15 intended learning goals.

#2 Cannot Get Away with Rote Learning

Students would need to derive answers through a series of mathematical calculations with their H2 Chemistry tutor. They must find exceptions in the A Level Chemistry syllabus. It also implies that only memorising topics and implementing them in A Level Chemistry tests is unlikely to improve their scores.

#3 Organic Chemistry is More Challenging

The A Levels will teach you that Organic Chemistry is even more challenging than at O Level Chemistry, even with tuition. Organic Chemistry is the most crucial extended topic that students must be familiar with in the A Levels. They must grasp the skeleton and stereochemical formula, which is not in the O Level Chemistry syllabus.

#4 More Practice for Each Component of the Exams

The A Level Chemistry tests include more components than the O Level Chemistry examinations. It would entail more practice sessions with an H2 Chemistry tutor. Structured Questions and Free Response Questions were integrated into a 1-h 45 min exam at the O Levels and are now separate 2-h tests at the A Levels.

The Chemistry Practice is a well-known O to A Level Chemistry tuition centre in Singapore. Mr Kelvin, their primary tutor, oversees the curriculum for online and in-person Chemistry sessions. They pride themselves on providing students offline and online access to their A Level Chemistry tutor for better learning. Visit their website to learn more about the institution and its services.