Why do you need to be involved in your child’s kg classes

Transiting from kg classes to primary school is a significant stage in every kid’s development. It is obvious that the youngster experiences a variety of mood swings, anxiety, and fears of the new surroundings. All these show how tough it is for almost all children to gradually adapt to various changes happening around them. In view of this, it is critical that you, as a guardian or parent, assist your child in adjusting to kg classes with as little anxiety as possible.

Here are some helpful strategies for reducing your child’s anxiety

  1. To start with, you must encourage verbal communication through speaking. Children enjoy talking, yet it might be difficult for them to express their fear of the unknown. Through fun communication methods such as story telling, where you use practical experiences or situations you identify they are experiencing. They automatically begin to get excited since they realize they are not the only ones who face different kinds of fear. Even better, that there is a solution to their anxieties and little worries. This will assist the youngster in gaining a better understanding of what to expect and how to approach all the new challenges that are ahead.
  1. To add to the above, colleagues’ meetups. Giving little children the chance to meet with their new classmates helps a lot especially, for children who are very quiet and reserved. If the child is being promoted to another class from the same school, chances are that they may feel less tense as compared to a totally new school with kg classes. An open day is encouraged by many schools to help kids get to know each other better. This will also help to alleviate the stress of starting elementary school. With this, students are allowed to visit the classroom a few days before the academic sessions begin. Take your child to the educational institution where they are enrolled and show him or her around. Also show your child the classroom, the restroom, and the play area. This will assist the child in calming down and relaxing on the first day of school.
  1. Put what you’ve learned into practice—the transition from kg classes involves not only the child’s emotional journey but also the start of an intellectual journey. Parents can purchase or create worksheets to assist their children in preparing for the upcoming academic year without undue stress. There are numerous workbooks on the market to assist children in making their transition from kindergarten classes, just like a flip through pages. There are so many kids’ workbooks that make it simple for a youngster to practice math, science, and English.
  1. Finally, you need to monitor your child’s school schedule. Until your child enters kindergarten, she spends very little time at school. When a child enters elementary school, he or she will be spending a significant amount of time there. Parents should be present with their children when they return from school, chat with them, and help them adapt to the new school schedule.


Transitioning a child to primary school from KG classes is crucial for both the child and the parent. So, as a parent, you must have a calm demeanor in order to instill the same attitude in your children. As a result, every parent must understand how and what to do to assist their child during this period of change.