How to respond when your kids tell you they’re bored

“I’m bored” – the sentence every parent dreads to hear but inevitably will. Children love to be entertained and hate the feeling of boredom. Naturally, when they encounter a problem, they come to their parents for the solution. This is why when your kids feel bored, they come to you.

Given that you can’t avoid this sentence, the question becomes what do you do about it? Reach for the remote? Hand them a toy or some other item? The solution isn’t to hand them an answer on a plate, but instead, to empower them to find an answer themselves.

This can be done by saying something along the lines of “I understand that you’re bored, but you can fix this. What would you like to?” Whatever they say they would like to do, provided it’s within reason, allow them to do it. If you stimulate their interest in different activities, they will have plenty of ideas about how to spend their time.

Here are some activities to help them overcome boredom:

1. Sports

Playing sport is a great way to pass the time because it has a number of benefits for your children. Firstly, it is a form of exercise that will help them to stay healthy and form healthy habits. Secondly, they will learn important lessons such as teamwork, problem-solving, and dealing with adversity.

2. Playing outside

If the weather is reasonable and you can do so, letting your kids play outside will certainly cure their boredom. Whether it’s discovering the natural world around them or exploring imaginary worlds of their own creation, playing outside offers endless possibilities.

3. Time with friends

Time spent with friends is always fun and exciting – especially when you’re a kid. If the topic of boredom comes up, perhaps a play date may be in order!

4. Kids cartoons

Kids love cartoons because they’re full of bright colours and engaging characters, which is partly why they’re a great solution for boredom. If you show your children the right free kids cartoons, they’ll also learn a few important life lessons as they watch them.

5. Reading

A love of reading is important for every child. Plus, books can take you practically anywhere anytime. Let your child’s wildest fantasies come to life in the pages of a good book!

Final Thoughts

When the inevitable “I’m bored” comes your way, remember to use the tips in this guide!