Hind Louali French School of Austin Sheds Light On a Few Interesting Reasons to Learn French


An increasing number of people across the world are choosing to learn French. It is spoken by around 300 million people, making it the fifth most spoken language in the world by total number of speakers. Anyone knowing how to read French shall be able to dip into the original works of such luminaries like Michel Foucault, Molière and Jean-Paul Sartre. The team of Hind Louali French School of Austin mentions that French is widely considered to be the international language of visual arts, theatre, dance, architecture, fashion and haute cuisine.  It also is an official language of several institutions like the United Nations, the European Union and the International Red Cross.

Hind Louali French School of Austin underlines a few reasons to learn French

The French and English languages are known to have quite a pretty mixed-up history. Subsequent to the Norman Conquest of 1066, Norman French was adopted as the language of power on the British Isles. French was the language of the nobility and the majority of the official documents for the next four centuries. . King Henry V put a stop to that when he went to war with France. However, as both these languages exist in parallel for generations, the English language is peppered with words of French origin. In fact, a large number of French words can be traced back to French roots. Hence, in comparison to other foreign languages, people who know English are likely to have an easier time learning French.  

More than 300 million people speak French on the five continents. The OIF, which is an international organization of French-speaking countries, comprises of more than eighty member States and governments. French is also the second most widely learned foreign language after English, and the fifth most widely spoken language in the world. Apart from English, French is also the only language taught in every country in the world.

The team of Hind Louali French School of Austin mentions that the ability to speak English and French can be immensely advantageous in the job market. The knowledge of French would allow people to explore employment opportunities in French companies in France and other French-speaking parts of the world. France is among the largest economies in the planet and a leading destination for foreign investment. Hence, learning French can prove to be a smart career move.

French is popularly considered to be the international language of cooking, fashion, theatre, the visual arts, dance and architecture. Knowledge of this language provides access to great works of literature in the original French, as well as films and songs. It would take a lifetime in order to effectively discover and explore the abundance of delights that France has to offer. Right from the excellent opportunities for hiking and skiing in the Alps and the Pyrenees to checking out enchanting chateaux that line the Loire River, there are many things in France that make it a traveler’s paradise. A number of world-renowned galleries and museums can be found in virtually every major French city. Knowledge of French would elevate the experience of exploring all these places. It would also help people when travelling to nations like Canada, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Belgium, where French is an official language.